Bioresonance And Mental Health

It is common for us to be anxious over our physical wellbeing, but we often overlook something more important, our mental health! This is a big problem as many illnesses that lead to physical pain often begin in the mind and then manifest themselves later with physical disorders or illnesses.

One article written about anxiety and depression calculated that up to 18% of the US population suffer with one form of anxiety disorder, yet less than half are seeking treatment for their health condition. And then there are the millions who are undiagnosed often for many years.

Can bioresonance help anxiety?

The simple answer is yes. At its heart, the bioresonance method is a holistic one and so the whole needs to be considered when treating any patient.

There are many reasons why a person can suffer with depression or anxiety, so we do not want to cover all the explanation here, but suffice to say that the majority of mental health patients will have a physiological explanation as to the cause of their issues.

At Bio-Wellbeing we adapt our treatment session to each patient with a holistic approach firmly at the forefront of our methods, although it can take considerable time if you suffer with depression or another form of mental health illness then we can support your recovery with the assistance of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt.