On top of the success of the mini rayonex, Rayonex Biomedical GmbH have now developed a further mini product that can protect from 5G radiation.

The latest 5G technology is not just an advancement in mobile communications it is a complete game changer. But with that comes an even heavier EMF burden on the organism. As 5G will be everywhere, it was essential that a portable solution was found for protection.

Therefore, the Mini Rayonex 5G was born.

This small device expands on the amazing success of the original mini rayonex with its 12.5 fundamental frequency. This device also contains an extra fundamental frequency value that was found to be particularly vulnerable to 5G radiation.

How to use the mini rayonex 5G:

An example of sunlight is useful as an illustration to explain how bioresonance works. Sunlight emits a frequency spectrum which in turn regulates our Vitamin D production, cause a suntan/burn and effect melatonin production. Bioresonance experts have found that many different frequency spectrums can be introduced to the body and trigger a physiological response.

The Mini Rayonex 5G has 2 dipole antennas generating 2 frequencies, that when held/worn close to the body are transmitted to the organism. It can easily be worn in a pocket or on the body, or even in a handbag.

Looking for 5G home protection?

We also have a device that can protect the whole home. You can read about the 5G Rayonator and Duplex IV in our product pages.

Purchase options:

If you would like to start protecting yourself now from 5G radiation and its harmful effects then get in touch with us, we stock this product at our clinic but we can also ship it out to you if you would prefer.

Note: We are a licensed sales partner in the UK for Rayonex.