Provide a DNA sample (nail clipping) and we can do the rest!

What do you need to know to improve your life?

Allergies: Food / Metals / Chemicals

Once tested we will provide a detailed report describing the allergy type and what substances are energetically disturbed.


Select which organs you would like to be tested we will provide a detailed report explaining what energetic disturbances have been found and a therapeutic plan.


Struggling to conceive? We can provide a detailed report of energetic disturbances which may help you to discover what will make the difference.

Athletic Performance:

Trying to get the maximum performance from your body? We can perform a bioresonance energetic test to determine what areas need attention. For example, Oxygen utilisation / Injuries / Psyche / Stress / Fatigue.

If you would like to try out our Distance sampling test, please give us a call and we can arrange all the details.