If you are worried about Covid-19 then we do have the option of getting diagnosed and treated via a distance sample testing.

This is done, by providing fluid samples (Saliva, Urine, or Hair). With these samples we can do the majority of testing to determine where you need support to aid in improving your health and making you well again.

Distance testing is also cheaper than a clinic session and we can do these for £60 per test. From these tests we can determine if you have food/substance intolerances. And we can check for many other things.

If you own a home PS10 device then we can prepare a “green card” program for you, so that you can treat yourself twice a week. Otherwise we will provide treatment drops/pilules for you to take.

With this test we can detetmine,

  1. Food/Substance Intolerances
  2. Acid Base Metabolism Issues
  3. Vitamins / Minerals / Nutrient deficiencies
  4. E-smog / EMF Disturbances
  5. And much more…

If you would like to try out our Distance sampling test, please give us a call and we can arrange all the details.