Bio-Wellbeing is a Manchester based clinic offering advice and bioresonance treatment according to Paul Schmidt.

Craig Daniel ( Clinic Practitioner )

Craig Daniel is a qualified practitioner of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt and has been working with bioresonance since 2013.

Craig Daniel's bioresonance background:

Craig Daniel is a qualified construction technician as well as a qualified Computing engineer and also has extensive experience in public speaking and training. So, you may ask how and why did he want to get involved with becoming a practitioner of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt?

Around 2012, Craig, an active generally healthy person, had some unusual feinting episodes whilst doing some light gym activity, at first he ignored it, however after the 3rd occasion decided it may be worth being checked out at his local GP. So he had some standard ECG and blood tests. The GP said there was nothing wrong but offered statins for a slightly raised cholesterol level. Feeling frustrated at the lack of interest/understanding he contacted one of his relatives who was a trained homeopath. As it so happens his relative also had recently become interested in bioresonance and had purchased a Rayonex Polar device to use in combination with Homeopathy. Although a sceptic at heart in connection with alternative health options, he decided listen and learn what bioresonance and homeopathy could do.

On his first encounter with bioresonance it was pointed out that there was a likelihood that his heart problem was due to a heart worm known as dirofilarium. Still sceptical but interested, he did as requested and had some treatments via bioresonance and also took parasite cleanse drops for a week or 2. To his astonishment the heart issue vanished and he was back to working out at the gym without issue.

As a side issue, it was pointed out that their was an indication that he also had the Ascaris worm. His homeopathic relative asked if when working out/running he found himself spitting out a build up of mucous. The answer of course was Yes, however Craig always thought that was normal. After following the treatment as mentioned for the dirofilarium when back running he found that he no longer got a buildup of mucous.

This effective treatment was enough to make Craig very interested in learning all about bioresonance and how it could help his close family members. So shortly after he bought his first bioresonance device known as the Rayocomp PS10 by Rayonex. After lots of practice and research he decided that it would be beneficial to get proper training by Rayonex. After receiving the excellent training via Rayonex it became more and more clear to him that he could be helping a lot more people who were looking for alternative options for getting real help for their health problems. And so Bio-Wellbeing was born.

Since, Craig has successfully provided help and assistance to people suffering from all kinds of health issues ranging from allergies to migraines and sleep disturbances. Young and old, male and female, lots have been diagnosed by means of the revolutionary Rayoscan and treatment plans created for acute and chronic ailments.

Would you like to see what Bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt can do for you? Then do not hesitate in calling Bio-Wellbeing and getting an initial consultation with Craig Daniel.