Should you worried about the rollout of 5G? Have you got adequate 5G protection?

Would you like complete home protection from 5G?

Do you live in a densely populated city with high 5G radiation?

Are you unsure how to protect yourself from 5g?

5G Rayonator
Rayonex 5G Rayonator

Getting 5G protection for your home

Getting prepared for the worldwide 5G rollout is a wise thing to do. The radiation dangers it presents are very stark. Despite the communications industry being virtually silent on any potential dangers, many people are now waking up to the ever present dangers of EMF.

So we would like to present a very strong product for protection against 5G, the 5G Rayonator. The 5G Rayonator also has sister products for geopathic stress and EMF pollutants prior to 5G.

Happily, just this year Rayonex released their 5G Rayonator. This product can protect your home from the negative effects from 5G radiation.

How does the 5G Rayonator give you 5G Protection?

It is well known that EMF disrupts our natural biological processes and can lead to electro-sensitivity or more serious diseases. The 5G Rayonator transmits 10 fundamental frequencies that are affected by the 5G radiation, this helps to keep those natural processes in tune and not go out of sync.

As per Rayonex research and development, exposure to 5G radiation consistently led to 8 fundamental frequencies disturbed. This then allowed them to create this Rayonator with those 8 frequencies installed, they also included 2 major fundamental frequencies (12.5 & 21.5) to ensure optimal health benefits.

To what distance does the 5G Rayonator work?

Duplex IV
Duplex IV

If you buy just the 5G Rayonator, it will work to roughly a 2 metre spherical field. So, this means you would need to keep it near you for it to be effective. However, if you would like to protect your whole home and therefore all the family, you would need to incorporate the 5G Rayonator with a Duplex device.

The Duplex (Biofield Forming Device) transmits the frequencies to a much larger field, large enough to cover large houses and even business offices.

The Duplex IV has 200 fundamental frequencies preinstalled. These frequencies are correspond to a variety of potential harms, such as EMF to geopathic stress.

By combining the Duplex IV with the 5G Rayonator you will be creating a safe zone for your house and promoting optimal health for the inhabitants.

Mini Rayonex 5G

Rayonex have also a developed a miniature version for portable use. It is called the Mini Rayonex 5G. This product has just 2 fundamental frequencies installed, one being 12.5 and the other being the most important 5G frequency.

This is a perfect companion when visiting urban city sprawls.

Further information:

Various clinical trials have been published by Rayonex in the field of bioresonance, one of which studied the Mini Rayonex which uses the same technology as the 5G Rayonator. If you would like to research this published study you can view it here, www.rayonex.de/our-service/scientific-research-and-knownledge.

Purchasing options:

If you would like to buy either the 5G Rayonator or the Duplex IV or perhaps both, then please call us on 07792582578 or email us at craig@bio-wellbeing.co.uk

We are a licensed sales partner in the UK for Rayonex devices.