Patient more stable after six months of treatment.


Age of the patient: 69 years

Sex: Male

Occupation: independent craftsman

Main symptoms of the patient, summarised:

As often as twice per week the patient suffered from migraine attacks that lasted for 1-3 days each. Once there were even neurological deficits like forgetfulness and disorientation in relation to time and place.

Clinical findings:

Migraine (therapy with Sumatriptan)

Increased liver values. Condition after Malaria (6 years development service in Africa)

Analysis with the Rayocomp PS 1000 polar, energetic testing with the RAH:

Acid-Alkaline balance: 06.00 complete

harmful substances: 08.16 Mercury, 08.17 Lead, 08.30 Spider and snake venoms, 08.53 Insecticides (insects)

Pathogens: 21.16 Borellia, 22.05 viruses I complete, 25.37 Plasmodium falciparum, 26.10 Mould fungi complete

Immune system: 35.21 Allergy type I, 35.24 Allergy type IV

Respiratory tract: 43.20 Bronchial asthma

Liver-gall-pancreas: 48.10 Liver complete

Nervous system: 54.11 Brain, cortex, nuclei


Energetic dysregulation of the liver-gall-pancreas system, immune system, immune defences against microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi) as well as in the energetic management of several pollutants.

Actions taken and clinical course:

Bioresonance therapy sessions had been conducted on average twice a month over a six months period, according to the identified energetic disturbances. In addition, cause-oriented system therapy with 70.10 – Nervous system, 70.19 – Digestive organs, 70.20 – Liver, gall, pancreas, 70.21 – Kidneys, ureter. 31.50 Basic detoxification program and ATP-production support to finish.

Complementary measures: Testing of foods. Milk thistle and zeolite. Detailed nutritional counselling.

How the situation of the patient progressed:

Already after the first treatment the patient felt better. After six months, the patient was stabilised. The occasional headaches are regulated with Schuessler salt no. 7 (10 dissolved in water).

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