Food Intolerance's are unpleasant and sometimes can be life threatening. Surprisingly there are about 4% of the population who suffer with some kind of food intolerance, however the real figure will likely be closer to 100% as many people only suffer slightly and never consider themselves having an intolerance.
If you are suffering with an allergy or a food intolerance, then bioresonance can help you. A Desensitising method using Bioresonance alongside a strict exclusion diet can over time remove the over sensitive immune response.

Desensitising Process

After the initial consultation where we can establish what intolerance's are actually present in your system, we then do a harmonisation with our bioresonance equipment. This typically takes 30 Minutes on your first harmonisation. Once this is complete, you need a 3-4 day body regulation interval to allow your energetic's to adjust. During this interval it is important that the established allergens are avoided. You once again come to the clinic for the next session, and the full test is done again and harmonised. With each session harmonisation time is reduced. When harmonisation time is very quick, we now know we can introduce the allergen back into the diet. But there is always a natural reaction, as well described in the image below.
Over a number of sessions which depending on the severity of the intolerance can take months we eventually will get to the point where the allergen in the diet no longer causes and suffering for the patient.