We use only state-of-the-art Rayocomp PS 1000 Polar 4.0 Bioresonance technology, the only Medical Grade bioresonance device in existence. This top-tier machine possesses unparalleled diagnostic capabilities using ECG in combination with a highly experienced bioresonance practitioner.

  • Consultation and ECG Diagnostic Scan - £80 (Diagnostic Report £20)
  • ECG Only + Report - £60
  • Follow up Therapy Sessions - £40 per hour
  • Detox Session - £50
  • Needle Free Acupuncture Session - £50
  • Weight Loss Session - £80
  • Addiction Support Session - £150

Here is a brief explanation to the options above:

To begin your health journey with us, we recommend our meticulous Initial Diagnostics Body Scan, priced at £80. Depending on the complexity of your body's health status, this process takes around 2 hours. We require two hours for your first session as we can immediately transition to treatment if the diagnostics finish sooner.

A detailed Diagnostic Report can be availed for just £20.

Our Detox Session and Nutritional Needs consultation are both priced at £40 for a one-hour session. And the best part? You don’t need to travel to our clinic for the Nutritional Needs consultation; it can be performed remotely using a hair or saliva sample.

Similarly, our Intolerance/ Allergy Testing and Treatment services are £55 each. These can also be conducted remotely via a hair or saliva sample. Mild intolerances can often be resolved in a single session, however severe cases require multiple visits and an avoidance .

Looking to quit smoking or break an addiction? Our £150 treatment can reset your body to the state of a non-smoker, eliminating the cravings that nicotine induces. With a success rate of 85%, we are so confident in our Stop Smoking program that we offer a second session for free if you're still struggling after the first.

Explore our Needle-Free Acupuncture service for just £50 and our holistic Weight Loss program for £80.

Take advantage of our Block Bookings to enjoy cost savings:

For Adults: • 4 Hours at £160 (£40 per hour) • 6 Hours at £210 (£35 per hour)

Please note that these can be scheduled in one go or spread out over a time frame that suits you best.

Rediscover holistic health with us today and let our innovative services and reasonable prices lead you towards optimal health.