Do you suffer from food intolerance? Unfortunately, it’s a common issue that affects up to 4% of the population, but the actual number could be much higher as many people don’t even realize they have it. These intolerances can be uncomfortable, and in severe cases, even life-threatening.

But there’s hope! Bioresonance therapy can offer relief. By using bioresonance alongside a strict exclusion diet, this desensitizing method can gradually reduce your over-sensitive immune response and help you overcome food intolerance.

Desensitising Process

Take control of your food intolerance! Our journey begins with a thorough initial consultation to identify your specific intolerances. Then, our bioresonance equipment performs a 30-minute harmonization, per intolerance, during your first session.

It’s important to give your body time to adjust with a 3-4 day regulation interval, avoiding any established allergens. You’ll return to the clinic for a full test and another harmonization session, where each time, the harmonization process will take less and less time.

Once the harmonization is quick, we can introduce the allergen back into your diet. While there may be a natural reaction, this is a natural step in the journey, as depicted in the accompanying image.

What to Expect?
Say goodbye to food intolerance for good!

The number of sessions and treatment time required for the best results depends on various factors, including the number of intolerances being treated and your ability to resist the temptation to consume the allergen during the program. Staying focused on your goals will lead to faster results. For optimal outcomes, we recommend twice-weekly treatment sessions. In our experience, a prolonged time between treatment sessions can make it harder for patients to abstain from the allergen, prolonging the process. For the best results, schedule your sessions on Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Once you achieve your desired results, you’ll want to learn more about the other ways bioresonance can improve your health and overall well-being.