Bioresonance Explanation

What is Bioresonance? If you have time here is a thorough explanation from Rayonex.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please note: Whilst the Bio-Wellbeing Practice recommends a holistic approach to health it is recommended to consult your GP for all medical conditions.

    How does bioresonance work?

    It might be best you read the "What is bioresonance" page.

    How much does it cost?

    We charge £100 per session. Sessions last 2hrs.

    Does bioresonance hurt?

    Not even a little bit!

    Can bioresonance cure my chronic ailment?

    No, bioresonance works on the principle of bringing back into harmony your natural bodily functions (e.g. immune system), thus any healing is done by your own body.

    I currently am on medication and/or having other treatment. Can I still be treated?

    Bioresonance is a complimentary therapy and is non-invasive, it can be used in conjunction with any other treatments and medication you currently use.

    What conditions can bioresonance treat?

    Bioresonance focuses on an holistic approach, where the bodies regulatory systems are gradually brought back into harmony, and as such it focuses on causes rather than symptoms. So, in answer bioresonance can treat any condition.

    Are you part of Bioresonance Practitioners in the UK?

    Yes, I am qualified by Rayonex UK, and are part of a variety of practitioners in the UK.

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