More to Warts than meets the eye

They are annoying for those affected. A valuable tip for the holistic doctor. There are more to warts than just a skin appearance.

For all holistic practitioners warts can sometimes provide valuable insight into the patient. Of course they are often unsightly, and if they appear somewhere unfavourable can have an affect on a patient’s confidence.

But before a patient rushes to the scalpel to have them removed, perhaps giving them a chance to reveal something about the patient would prove useful.

Known causes

Within clinical medicine, viruses are 99% behind the occurrence of warts, particularly the human papillomavirus (HPV). However there is often more background information to this, genetics plays a part in our basis for health, illness, behaviour and much more.

Scientific constitutional theory looks at warts with reference to the medorrhinum constitution (within homeopathy), also known as sycotic miasma. These are considered predispositions within the patient.

Someone with a medorrhinum constitution has the predisposition to numerous chronic illnesses. Unsurprisingly homeopaths have a remedy called Thuja Occidentalis for treatment of warts, but it also is a constitutional agent for the predisposition.

Holistic practitioners also look beyond just the wart or HPV, and consider that a variety of milieu imbalances can contribute to skin disorders. That is because warts do not appear anywhere at random. They mostly occur within the vicinity of the body channels (TCM Meridians).


So we can see that a wart can actually provide a useful diagnostic guide for the practitioner. Also if a patient was to swiftly get it removed, the patients holistic balance could be disturbed.

Conversely, we find that warts can simply disappear or fall off on their own when the patients energy balance is brought back into harmony.