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war of conquest asoiaf

Jaehaerys would restore the good name of the Targaryens and continue Aegon I's good works, including building the Kingsroad and ending some of the more dubious traditions of the kingdoms (such as the practice of first night). So I thought I would put together an overview of the War of the Five Kings and its aftermath according to the rumors … His sister-wife, Queen Rhaenys Targaryen, led an army into Dorne during the first war. The War of Five Kings As promised, Aegon took Balerion high over the walls of Harrenhal and used his dragonbreath to ignite each of the five great towers of the castle in turn. Harren and Aegon parleyed, with Aegon offering to name Harren the Lord of the Iron Islands but no more than that. Daenerys mounted Drogon and took wing to the Red Keep, setting one of the uppermost towers aflame. Aegon's forces approached Harrenhal. Cersei Lannister Tommen WatersEuron GreyjoyBlack Walder FreyMathis Rowan Aegon's First Test • The Waters of Gulltown • The Reeds • Wailing Willows • Harrenhal • Last Storm • Field of Fire The move came because Lord Aenar Targaryen believed the prophetic visions of his daughter Daenys, which suggested that a great catrastrophe was coming to Valyria. Aegon and Balerion then attacked the army directly, breathing fire onto the massed ranks of enemy troops. Declaring Martyn Lannister of a line unfit to rule, Aegon agreed to bestow the rights to rule House Lannister, the Westerlands, and Casterly Rock to Tyrek. Commanders Mace Tyrell had received Margaery and marched against the reavers of Euron Greyjoy. Their armies met north of Highgarden on a dry field. Aegon ruled for another thirty-seven years before dying at the age of sixty-four. The War of the Five Kings is a large, multi-theater conflict fought in Westeros from 298 AC until 300 AC, though some hostilities have resumed as a new claimant to the Iron Throne has arisen as well as a new King of the Iron Islands. Restoration of House Targaryen as the ruling dynasty. Home | About | Help | Legal | Blog | @trello | Trello API | About | Help | Legal | Blog | @trello | Trello API When at last the main army of the Golden Company arrives, the disguised soldiers open the gates. In War of Conquest your nation is deep in the fray, carving out a place for itself and fending off usurpers. Winter had come in earnest, making food hard to find, and there was already not a house in the Trident that had escaped the depredations of the earlier fighting. Two additional hatchlings, Vhagar and Meraxes, joined them but the other four dragons died in the succeeding century. Next The Riverlands was once more in turmoil with Lord Baelish away in the Vale and Lord Edmure Tully fighting for control once more - Freys dying left and right. This force was to capture Storm's End and secure the Stormlands. This force was to capture Gulltown and secure the Vale of Arryn. House TargaryenGolden Companythe Reachthe StormlandsHouse Tully 300 - 301 AC Letters are sent out to the distant corners of the realm, declaring his intentions. Unable to take Gulltown, Visenya flew west to rejoin her brother. After securing the allegiance of the Stormlands, he married Argella and took the sigil and words of House Durrandon as his own, marking the founding of House Baratheon. Tensions already high, the siege of King's Landing proves to be too much for the tinderbox of a city to handle. The young Prince is victorious - and at last the banner of House Targaryen rises over Westeros once more. Aegon also continued to respect the institutions of the Night's Watch, continuing the practice of sending criminals to the Wall to help reinforce the defences there. Several nobles of the Golden Company provided landsSeveral houses restored to traditional Lordships, Golden Companythe Reachthe StormlandsHouse Tully, House Baratheon of King's LandingHouse MorrigenHouse EstermontHouse WyldeHouse Frey, Daenerys TargaryenHarry StricklandTristan RiversLaswell PeakeMarq MandrakeGarlan TyrellRandyl TarlyFranklyn Fowler, Tommen WatersEuron GreyjoyBlack Walder FreyMathis Rowan. Date Battles At her request, the Knights of the Vale set forth -- mounting ships in Gulltown and along the coast, and sailing up the Bite towards the North. ASoIaF > > A Song of Ice and Fire > Targaryen Conquest. Commanders In the North, Stannis Baratheon defeated the Freys and Boltons holding Winterfell, but then turned his forces towards the Wall to face the growing threat. This was to be their base of operations. NOTIFICATIONS. Aegon was crowned the King of the Seven Kingdoms by the High Septon, but he chose not to make his capital at Oldtown. Combatants The remaining ironborn surrendered after Aegon slew Lord Qhorin Volmark, who had declared himself king thanks to being related to House Hoare through his grandmother. Hearing of the downfall of Argillac and Harren, King Loren Lannister of the Westerlands and King Mern IX Gardener of the Reach made alliance and decided to bring overwhelming forces to bear against Aegon. Balerion's fire burned so hot that the stone itself melted. Result Secure now in the Eyrie, with her husband at one hand and the Lords Declarant at the other, Sansa convinces them that their honour demands that they act. The Boltons, their commanders, and those lords and knights who remain loyal, are one and all put to the sword as the price of Ramsay's cruelty. Way Cleared for Game of Thrones Studio Experience. The Stormborn had forgone any further attempts to gather a large army, having recieved word from Dorne of the situation. Although a bastard, Orys was a great warrior and noted statesman who stood high in Aegon's counsels. In return, he was named Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North and Aegon was able to turn his attention eastwards. Content titles and body; Content titles only; Browse. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, for PCs, tablets and Windows Phone. Jon Snow and a contingent of Wildling volunteers met up with the Baratheon and Vale forces shortly after the Battle of Winterfell. Date After the brutal repressions of King Maegor I saw tens of thousands slaughtered, King Jaehaerys I successfully forged a peace on the understanding that the militant orders of the Faith would disband. They landed at the mouth of the Blackwater Rush and established a wooden redoubt upon the tallest hill overlooking the bay. The siege of the Red Keep stretched onward, and the Riverlands prove a long and dreadful slog. Unable to march away and abandon the city, Aegon is forced to set up camp in the Dragonpit -- and wait. Recent Happenings: In 604 AC Tybolt Lannister ventured to King's Landing with his sister Sarelle Lannister. Doran, ever calculating, did not commit himself just yet -- waiting instead for his son to return from his mission in Meereen. Aegon's reign was dated to the day he passed through the city gates. After much discussion Jon Connington manages to convince the stubborn lord of Aegon's legitimacy, encouraging him to side with the Targaryen youth over the Lannisters. Available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Harren died screaming inside the tallest, later known as Kingspyre Tower. To this day no one knows all that was said, or what agreements or disagreements might have been made; but when the son of Rhaegar walked Aerys' daughter back to the dragonpit and her dragons, Rhaegal turned and lowered his head. The change in universe happens pre-canon so is heavily alternate universe. Jon Stark returned to Winterfell with Rickon’s bones, where he was reunited with his half-sister Sansa. Google Play Store. Orys, angered at this lack of chivalry, treated Argella with respect. Hoping against hope, the would be Conqueror sent an emissary to his kinswoman -- offering her equal shares of the kingdom, and joint rule of Westeros, if they would but merge their forces. But King Euron had not expected the arrival of the Dornishmen led by Franklyn Fowler nor the return of Randyl Tarly to the Reach. Time and time again Euron skirted the Reachmen or beguiled them into danger, but when at last he chose to make his move -- it was the Arbor that he threatened.

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