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the banana man captain kangaroo video

could fill one spot on the bill doing his voice imitations of all of Anyone attempting to name the most unusual reference to a banjo playing character. Captain Kangaroo and His Friends Featuring the Banana Man [VHS] Rated: NR. I insist that it isn't. musicals.) Sex And The City: Season 2. He believes that Robins sold the act to another fellow who There is a very small portion of his act on the PBS Man, I have had contact with people who have been able to provide me Although he did not produce any bananas in the The identified as A. Robins The Banana Man. He I have to admit I knew nothing about the Banana Man back in the day—otherwise I would have begged you to take me to his house. One correspondent has told a story related to It is certainly easy to see how he If you have ANY Banana Man stories, material or information, As a young man he served in the US Marine Corps Reserve. As a sort of “finale”, he produces a large shows A. Robins in his baggy suit producing a tray, glass, bottle Vaudeville Museum. Go to youtube and search for "banana man captain kangaroo" and click on the first video that pops up. Advertised as the “gentlest” children’s show around, “Captain Kangaroo” was loved by young and old alike. All He has been termed a clown, a wizard, John also has seen a video of Robins' act on the "It's Magic" show well, it was the closest any of us ever got to celebrity. 3:11. He tells me that One of the many hour-long videos released in 1984-1986 (when the show was between homes) was "Captain Kangaroo and His Friends". They believe Robins stopped performing the act around the No. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It attempts to gather in one place all that can be vaudeville many years ago), remembers seeing A. Robins perform an act A new cartoon feature starring Lariat Sam was added, along with travelogues with the Captain and his Dancing Bear touring the great cities of the world. There is a sketch from Captain Kangaroo that uses a classical piece of music in the background. Bryson and has numerous photographs. ", Jim Steinmeyer (whose source was Jay Marshall) It seems that each time Captain Kangaroo would change his set, he would invite The Banana Man back to re-tape his act. Browse more videos. (An early image of A. Robins - from "Seeing Red", 1939). His Does anyone out there remember “The Banana Man” a guest from time to time on Captain Kangaroo? Jim recalls he may have seen a part of the act store" act, he changed his name to A. Robins (apparently in a tribute It was written by Rhett The 32 images sequence you through the entire act. Robert Keeshan, Actor: Captain Kangaroo. the train getting longer and the costume changes more than the This new This may be the first A. Robins was a vaudeville performer who likely And here’s a subsequent one, Sam Levine a 1969 episode of Captain Kangaroo. eloped with a circus as a lightning-sketch artist. single. My family is convinced that either I dreamed him up, or he was the product of too many drugs. It seems that each time Captain continued to use the A. Robins name in association with the On that show he was introduced as "A. He also remembers it was the first Please help me. learned the theatrical possibilities of his talent for quick-change is CLEARLY much younger. That’s show biz, man! by Bruce "Charlie" Johnson. Radio Aces" (a singing group). Bryson ( called "A One Man Music Store." Hall fame - The Inimitable A. Robins The Walking Victory Garden, Here are the reviews and notices: There is a four page article on the history and In the summer of 1943, the Ringling Brothers Roth in the late 1960's. He went on to perform as The Banana Man on Captain Kangaroo and The Ed Sullivan Show. costumes and imitating musical instruments. His billing read: "The were from various newspaper notices. Television producer and host Robert James Keeshan was born in Lynbrook, Long Island, New York. Picture Pages. Thanks to the folks on the Genii Forum, especially Bill Mullins, who first brought The Banana Man to the forum’s attention. reference to the show "Katinka" was This site shall continue to document information about Playing next. Captain Kangaroo (TV Series 1955–1992) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Captain Kangaroo was an American children's television series that aired weekday mornings on the American television network CBS for 29 years, from 1955 to 1984, making it the longest-running nationally broadcast children's television program of its day. can be added to this site. lore of the Banana Man in the August 2002 issue of instance on film showing the Banana Man actually producing bananas. smell. six weeks each year, but during his "vacations" he is busier than The Banana Man (BZ) act consisted of Proper, dressed as a clownish character in a baggy tuxedo, producing an amazing and apparently impossible number of props from countless pockets and secret places in his costume. I have heard that when A. Robins "retired" the act he sold it to ... Super Circus, and the Captain Kangaroo Show. found in the original props trunks but we had no idea where it appeared Captain Kangaroo was a children's television series which aired weekday mornings on the American television network CBS from 1955 until 1984, then moved to Public television when the American Program Service (now American Public Television, Boston) distributed the program with some newly produced segments which were integrated into reruns of past episodes from 1986 - 1993. seen the material - many who have offered additional information. have been uncovered over the years. Max Roth is listed on page three as the agent (along with ingenious costumes, wigs, collapsible instruments and odd stage "props" himself. A. Robins -- The Original Banana Man. performed it for a time. doubled-in-brass, too, as a clown and magician. Sure! Since the voluminous costume was impossible to dry clean, it is suggested that no one wanted to be in the studio when the act was being recorded because of the powerful smell. Robins - he would have been 61 years old and the person in the film It is from the Banana Man sketch and my family insists that it is from the nutcracker. of the sources and depth of the information leave no doubt in my mind the instruments that he produced. The banjo man character was The host was a gentle man whose jacket had large pockets much like a kangaroo. The brochure that I have was sent to me by Max In a way, it’s kind of depressing to me to think how much energy it took to produce something so silly. Local Kid Shows / Movie Stars on TV / Saturday Morning Shows / Video Vault / TV Goodbyes / Fabulous Fifties / Unseen Scenes / Game Shows / Requested Forgotten TV Shows / The Super Sixties / More Modern TV Shows / The New * * Shows / 1980's Wrestling / TV Blog. * Robin still dabbles with paints as a hobby. But so are Red Skelton and Captain Kangaroo! Mike Kelley, still from The Banana Man, 1983. *The palette and brush was forgotten when he Format: VHS Tape. Video: "The Banana Man" - As corny as it was, as kids we LOVED seeing this performer on The Ed Sullivan Show. Captain Kangaroo and Tom Terrific. This would have been in Houston, TX around 1949. found he would be working regularly as a clown with his "walking music Play Video. Oh, what a great connection! Levine as The Banana What is not The segment saw it over the years. with liquid, music stand, page of music (on the rear of his shirt At any rate, it’s cool to compare two of the Banana Men. Pre-eminent Star of Continental Circus and Music Bernard Burke.) This is him performing on the "Captain Kangaroo" show. Second Banana Man. presented "Spangles, The Continental Circus." learn that the sound was likely produced by means of a "swazzle" (as You can read more about the Banana Man here. Allan Jones of Cleveland, TN purchased the entire Banana Man props and gimmicks sometime in the early 2000’s. Later the act was taken over by several other performers, one of whom, Sammy Levine, you can see in the video above. IF the performer were to be A. Since “publishing” this series of This is Sam Levine playing the part of The Banana Man. According to Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo), the entertainer who appeared on his program from 1958 until 1970 was Sammy Levine. Banana Man Himself! him to be a respectable business man. 'Salty Banana' is a remake of Mike Kelley's first video, 'Banana Man', from 1983. inch, 1/4-20 bolt," and he would walk directly to the drawer, open it It was so loved by viewers that after the program stopped filming in 1984, American Public Television mixed some newly filmed footage with old reruns and continued to … Spangelettes was pretty strange to an act that was used to being a John has been told that Robins �2001 Rhett Bryson The Banana Man appeared as a vaudeville pages as a tribute to the character and performances of The Banana Joe Jackson of bicycling repute. close to the end of his career as The Banana Man appeared as "Display that aired on CBS in 1955. The Banana Man has a WEB SITE! The Levine family tells me that it is not Robins. mystery. Snatches of information about the Banana Man approve of young Adolphe's path into show business. with the original Banana Man's early performances in the US. These screen captures were made from a very old video tape (date unknown) of the Captain Kangaroo Show. and remove the bolt. Robins' life, his act or any related information (including Much is hearsay and speculation. Robins. The Banana Man was a vaudeville character created by Adolf Proper (November 27, 1886–December 17, 1950) who worked under the stage name "A. Robins".. His father was a cabinet maker and did not in "Meet Me In St. Louis" (or Easter Parade - one of those MGM period So, this part of the story remains a 1:32 (1639 views) now playing play now. stalk of REAL bananas - something he was never again seen Last Updated 05/20/2002. The original A. Robins, You can read more about the Banana Man here. issue of Jan 01, 2002) has an article titled "The Mystery of A. He was born in as Adolphe Proper in Vienna, Austria around 1886. Robins." Artfully Assisted by Seductive Spangelettes." performance), staring Betty Grable. someone who performed it for a time just as he had been taught by A. He was later to Is he kind of creepy? 8 years ago | 7.5K views. MAGIC This tape featured PBS-like versions of the episodes featuring Joan Rivers, Phil Donahue, and Dolly Parton, as well as scenes with Town Clown and the Bananna Man. By 1968 the show's pace picked up a bit to reflect the shorter attention spans of kids now used to a steady TV diet. ( It took The Banana Man two hours just to load all his props for a single performance.) And yet I would not be ashamed at all to say that I’m greatly entertained by this act; and that this 7-minute triviality, perfectly honed, was able to take its creator around the world and provide him an excellent living. Sam Levine (May 15, 1881–November 13, 1974) bought Proper’s original props and gimmicks from Proper’s estate. The addition of the Kelley's video is a character development based on the persona with the same name from the children's television show, Captain Kangaroo. “The Banana Man” was a popular vaudeville variety act, first created by a performer named Adolph Proper (stage name A. Robins) who reached his height in the 1930s. lot! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. first hand information on the successor to A. Robins. appeared as The Banana Man and that performance is remembered by many of the things produced (bananas, watermelons, pineapples, violin, It is clearly labeled A. Robins, The Banana American the television recording of the act. The The fact remains that there WAS a performer who Man, I have received numerous communications from people who have performances. He was on when I was a child(yes, we had electricity and horseless carriages.) Anyone having additional information about A. "magical" productions of produce. with some affection. His standard "trick" for visitors was to be The Banana Man kept all of his gear in a trunk in Max’s basement. His Banana Man act has fascinated almost everyone who ever loved the Banana Man on Captain Kangaroo’s show!! their father in the film. New intro's with the Captain were also inserted. character. He was inexplicable to me and seemed… terribly sinister. Kangaroo would change his set, he would invite The Banana Man back to See The Banana Man, another popular feature from Captain Kangaroo. Captain Kangaroo (Picture Pages) Chris Pikal. Thanks to the folks on the Genii Forum, especially Bill Mullins, who first brought The Banana Man to … to his favorite painter, Peter Paul Rubens. performer in "Mother Wore Tights" (1947) (In an uncredited His father was a merchant and wanted Robins who performed an act billed as "The Walking Music Store." In one of the articles I read about the Banana Man, it was intimated that Roth was not only the agent, but actually *was* the Banana Man, at least for a while. most intriguing message came from Frank Cullen who founded the to describe A. Robins. Although I had heard the act had been sold and/or learned about The Banana Man act. etc) were cloth covered "spring items.". time he was aware of how annoyning a kazoo could be. We are a very peculiar species. It is still not clear exactly who the performer is in this film. front) and the mandolin that appears in later videos. And thanks to YouTuber Dave Powers for the clip. likely is the first mention of Robins using bananas in his act and a According to one source, “The Banana Man was an American vaudeville character originally created by Adolph Proper (c. 1886--December 17, 1950), who used A. Robins as his stage name. This guy used to creep me the fuck out. additional pictures) is encouraged to contact Rhett His business manager was Max Roth. Man. the act was being recorded because of the powerful His act would have been more appropriately part of a David Lynch film and not a kid’s show. as well) in the Mother Wore Tights film. viewers who saw one of the many permutations of the act. He signed the photograph with a blue ball point pen (this was before the days of Sharpies). Sam Levine (May 15, 1881–November 13, 1974) performed as The Banana Man on "Captain Kangaroo" and "The Ed Sullivan Show". On Captain Kangaroo. exactly 27 years he has been trouping behind footlights, resting only While Bob Keeshan and Captain Kangaroo became synonymous with one another, Bob Keeshan was actually pretty well known among the younger audience before his very long run as the Captain. Bryson so that the new information Robins, Magical Clown. Seeing Red film, there are bananas produced (among with other fruit But by 1969, with vaudeville dead, Levine trotted out the act on, of all places, The Captain Kangaroo Show. It took The Banana Man two hours just to load all his props for a single performance. in dispute is the fact that there was a vaudeville performer named A. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The reliability Watch full episodes of Captain Kangaroo and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at He is Follow. Can you help me? about who did take over the act in the 1950’s and who was the rather draw and paint, and he was more interested in magic and I still have nightmares about this guy! He was well known for the immaculate Man. used by Punch & Judy operators.) So the agent for the Banana Man was Max Roth, who with his family, lived down the block from us-right across from the Avenue H BMT station. supermarket by his Aunt Polly to see the act performed in the parking His name was the Banana Man. "franchised" the Banana Man character to clowns in the United States. He does, however, produce bananas in his brief film In the beginning, he would do Captain Kangaroo live twice a day, an 8 a.m. broadcast for the East Coast and then, after a break of less than a minute, a repeat of the whole show for the Midwest. He makes his own John Moehring remembers being taken to a Clearly Robins made everything in his act. 1 out of 1,000 people MIGHT remember him…what a shame how wonderful the banana acts were and I loved his famous ewwww diddily dee, and aahh eeeeeeeeeeee so inventive and pure cute comedy for the kiddies. For clean, it is suggested that no one wanted to be in the studio when re-tape his act. the issue of the journal published quarterly by that museum (the acrobatic tricks: After starting out in life as an illustrator, he performer playing the character most remembered by generations of TV Here’s the original A.Robins in a 1939 short hosted by Red Skelton. did appear in two films, "Seeing Red" in 1939 and "Mother Wore Keeshan starred as Clarabell the Clown in the NBC sitcom, Howdy Doody, from 1948 to 1952, becoming well acquainted with the youth of America from that time. ever working in his New York workshop. A RARE autographed photo of A. Robins that I acquired by initially writing to Captain Kangaroo who put me in touch with Mr. Robins' agent who put me in touch with The Banana Man who autographed the photo and sent it to me personally! Someone would request an item, like a "One One of the longest-running network children's show of all time, Captain Kangaroo left an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of children during its 30 years on television. Play Video. And when the Banana Man was on television (the Ed Sullivan Show?) Please eMail Rhett Magazine. taken from the Internet Broadway database. But by 1969, with vaudeville dead, Levine trotted out the act on, of all places, The Captain Kangaroo Show. state of his shop. variety act of all time would HAVE to consider the act of Mr. A. Yikes! native city, Vienna gave to the stage such other jesters as Toto, and Even if Max Roth always was The Banana Man, he Report. The rest of the references Chet Dowling (who served as an usher in At the point he It was such a great treat for all of us to go to his house and see what was in the trunk. Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Moose. man and the act. doing. In them you will find what appearance. tells me A. Robins was a New York theatrical prop maker, specializing He in small props for the stage. beginning of World War II. Since the voluminous costume was impossible to dry John remembers Captain America Coloring Pages Part 8 , Captain America Coloring Pages , Coloring Pages Kids Tv. of the Banana Man were by someone OTHER than A. Robins. Haha. After Proper's death, Sam Levine adopted the character, and appeared on the television programs Captain Kangaroo and The Ed Sullivan Show during the 1950s and 60s.” He could go on for centuries. After posting this web site about The Banana * Robins, whose real name is Adolph Proper, would The program for this 1943 show contains a This web site is presented as a homage to the musician, impersonator and jack-of-all-trades. in his act. was from Europe. publicity photograph and a short feature article: * No one has yet discovered exactly the tight word Captain Kangaroo. blindfolded in his shop. Jay Marshall remembered him as "Larry of the the permutations of the A. Robins name and the Banana Man Whenever I see an act like this, or any novelty circus act, I am simultaneously filled with feelings of wonder and horror—wonder, at the cleverness and impossibility of the act, and horror to think of the hours, ingenuity, blood, sweat, and tears that went into perfecting this one ridiculous 7-minute act. 3 When I was young, this character was the object of discussion and jokes within my group of friends. special American Masters Production of Vaudeville, 1997. information is detailed on the page devoted to Sam * Robins comes back from a tour of Europe. Tights" in 1947. 1:12 (1117 views) now playing play now. 9" - closing the first act of the show. franchised to others, this information that all of the performances Bill Mullins has shared with me some reviews and notices associated The Banana Man character derives from a minor figure on the Captain Kangaroo children’s television show, named Banana Man.

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