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process oriented interview questions

Indeed! I was told CED invites or rejections would be sent out at latest by November 9th, but this was from my phone interview for MCBS in Central. looks like we'll hear tomorrow. 20 Human Resources interview questions and answers. I had to call to ask about my status. Haha. Tell me about a time when you used logic to solve a problem. I'll see some of you guys in Chicago on the 16th. Found out I passed the following week and had my phone interview the following week. As of 11:16 PM, I received an email to schedule to Midsize bank phone screening for the central, just letting you all know. Was exactly as expected. Don't think people will keep coming back to here now since everything is over, I received my offer from Western!! It also means that if you do qualify for the job they will be considered before the candidates in the later groups or even in the later days. Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Please keep us posted if you hear anything about the phone interview. Anyone know how many examiners the central office typically hires per location? I'd like to start off by saying congratulations to all that have received an offer! June start. Considering the fact that each field office only hires 3-5 people, you can do the math yourself. 225 Information Technology IT Interview Questions. betty you might be correct but if i am not mistaken was pitt the only lbs location in this recruiting round? What is Object Oriented Programming? After the interview is done they will take you in for fingerprints and a small chat from other assistant national bank examiners. I didn’t go large bank because of the location, so your guess might be right. Please keep us posted for your progress. Also, if your status changes on USAJobs, let us know that, too!! but if its reimbursement, one always has the option of just doing airbnb in chicago right? This is a questionnaire for tactical plan in executing two basic media platforms online. What's the field office you will be working in for these of you who gotten an offer? Do OCC not see the fact they will do just the same in a few years and go somewhere else? I crafted a detailed audience archetype with qualifiers, KPI assumptions, and media performance baselines. We previously gave detailed feedback by default in our rejection emails, but we had to stop doing this due to a few upset candidates trying to refute all of our notes. My CED was on the 15th (day 2}. Compare with other government agencies, OCC has a much faster pace when it comes to recruiting. Does anyone remember the training locations for the Western district? That sucks, as I REALLY wanted to work out of the Philadelphia field office my first time around. We are always 100% open to feedback, so we appreciate you sharing your experience. I'm not sure how it works for NYC specifically, because they're hiring for Manhattan, Jersey City and Edison, so IDK if that means 5 for each office or 5 for New York as a whole. Describe a problem you were unable to solve. Proven ability to work in union with team. good luck to all of you! So it's either today or maybe the next Monday for calls to going out, and that's it. Today was the last day to take the exams, so I would assume we will hear beginning next week once they've ranked us. It's real now! I'm booking my own hotel for this, Dx, same situation. So, I answered with several pages illustrating strategy across media, content and measurement. Lots of people will be doing the same thing. Is there anything about this interview process that you would change? They do NOT need campaigns to attract new freelance talent to their talent network. From the email I received after passing my exams, we would hear something no later than today. He is the founder of website. I'm also not the person who was being negative to other people previously, in case anyone didn't know. FYI - they are hiring four people into Pittsburgh's LBS. Of course do attend CED. Below are some of the toughest types of questions employers are known to ask—and your guide for how to ace them. Hi, Mac, that is a good question but I am afraid that is the question only OCC HR can answer and I will probably NOT bring it up until the career day when they have experts in that subject on site and ask in private, but that is just my suggestions. Am I the only person that found it extremely strange that they requested that we elect a cell phone carrier. Feels like I'm not getting an offer this time...... since the offer calls are already been giving out . I’m not sure what circumstances constitute getting a hotel room. And I will provide the following summary information 3 times a day: **Summary: Offer Call! My phone interview is Monday. Or was it only 2 days in NYC? Also, I believe it's 4 hours. We actually went a little bit over since the call took about 48 minutes. Congratulations Betty, I think you are right, phone interviews should be scheduled in the next week and taking place between 10/30-11/3 week( based on comments from past recruiting cycle), and career day should be in the 11/15 week and we can possibly hear the final results before thanksgiving or 1-2 weeks after that. Would the interviewer comment on it at the end if it was good? I just received an email today for scheduling the phone-screening interview. Top interview questions look for evidence you can do the job—so learn to give it! Sequence: 03 Time: 1030 (EST) Date: 11/21/2017 MCBS (Total 4): NE (2)/ CEN (1)/ SOU (0)/ WES (1) LBS (Total 1): NE (1) Comment: we should expecting more offers today and tomorrow, so LET THE CALL BEGIN!! -PhillyExplorer and Everyone else: When chosen for the CED, Occ will ask you to choose how would you like to travel to the field office to have the interview. I already live here, so I'm hoping it's an "unattractive" destination for others. It's not the place to be nasty to each other. I was told i would hear back by Nov. 9. Are they gonna send email to tell you if you are NOT selected to have the interview? Good luck to everyone! I do see your point on COL. One of the things that attracted me to the 'Burgh was its low COL, but unfortunately that means that salaries are lower as well. My recruiter gave me my itinerary for CED and answered a bunch of questions at 7:30pm two Saturdays ago. Congrats to everyone who was invited to CED! Well at least we are ALL in the same boat. i may as well apply next round to multiple cities in the same region =/. I emailed my recruiter (central) and he called back I missed the call and now he is out of the office. For example, “are you looking for me to demonstrate the structure of a solution, or to fully implement it?” Btw, I applied for the Midwest region. I really want this position, so I might reapply at some point...but I really don't want to. No one can answer that for you. Could you please share when did you receive your offer? In terms of traveling, from the past post, OCC will book your ticket to the CED (airplane or train), so no worry there. So start at the beginning or you have to get commissioned somewhere else (FRB, FDIC, etc). I'm not saying it's a guarantee, but I don't think that just because you were on the 2nd or 3rd day that means it's unlikely you'll be selected. Well, guys, I didn't make it this time. Just found out about this thread. . My CED will be between Nov 13-15 in Dallas. So you're likely to read about a lot of those negative experiences here, and it isn't necessarily an accurate representation of the number of people that don't make the cut. For those who made it to CED more than once and finally got an offer what did you do different the second or third time? They said by 10/20 we will receive a phone call so I am still waiting as well. Well, hopefully this is the last day of compulsively checking the phone for an email or call. I have yet to receive an e-mail regarding a CED invite for the specified visit. What do you want to accomplish on this position in our company? Now we only give rejection details when requested. I completed by interview on November 13th & interviewed in Dallas, TX. I want to believe offers will still go out for other districts next week. Did anyone received an offer from Central yet? If you haven’t received it, you may contact them to find out. Sequence: 05 Time: 2100 (EST) Date: 11/21/2017 MCBS (Total 6): NE (2)/ CEN (2)/ SOU (1)/ WES (1) LBS (Total 1): NE (1) Comment: Last summary for today in terms of offers update. General high turnover of the position seems apparent, something I ordinarily treat as a flag when job hunting. i've already lost my mind. You? Will I be rejected because of a recent collection on my credit report if I receive an offer? Again, good job! I have my Interview the 14th, but I am trying to plan a trip during the end of December and beginning of January. For the rest of us, good luck to you all tomorrow! My entire future outlook on my career is desired by becoming an OCC employee. Hello there, may I ask what district is the recruiter you spoke with? I hope everyone was able to get the position they were going for! Performance based interview questions are those an interviewer asks about a candidate's past accomplishments. I understand - getting rejected from a company always stings. I flew in and out the same day when I went to Dallas. Will do!!! I'm pretty sure they don't reimburse you for food. I did not quite get long with one of my previous boss but I listed her as it seems to be a requirement when you fill in the resume through USAJOBS. I will no longer comment since I'm out of this recruiting cycle's round, but I will likely continue to watch and see how some of the posters that I recognize advance in the process. Has anyone heard back with acceptance letters or anything else? Good Luck!! Same procedure with above, you have to submit your location and the preference to travel either in morning, afternoon or night time. I'm LBS. I applied for NY. The Federal Reserve is gov't affiliated, but they aren't a gov't agency. I'll be honest though. This may be a stupid question, but since they are flying me down and putting me up in a hotel, I assume I am in charge of finding my own taxi to the building. Congrats Betty7 and Betty7! There is often more than one correct answer. Betty7, I think you should have better prospects at Band IV than most applicants with your level of experience. For who those who have gone through the process multiple times did you apply for different cities the 2nd or 3rd time? Fed is really difficult to get in as far as I know, last time I checked the employee profiles on their website, most of them have a PhD in economics...And Fed does not even use the USAJOBS channel to accept the applications, that just tells me how cocky they are LOL, so don't beat yourself up too much. Though I suppose the most difficult parts are still to come. Thank you. Fingers crossed you get your top pick. Guess better luck applying next round. Mine says “reviewed”. Also I wouldn’t put a lot of stock into how long your phone interview was. The hiring manager might ask this question to see what procedures you have to keep yourself and the customer from becoming overly emotional. Congrats to everyone who has gotten a phone interview, I applied to Central, for the Midsized and Community, haven't heard anything, and the status is still received. So let’s please keep this thread positive and not make the anticipation any worse. Do you guys know how to submit reimbursement for food? Well, I am not sure if they're gonna call or email, but from past post, seems like it's going to be a call) I got about 5 applications in USAJOBS that are referred, 3 showing reviewed and 9 showing received. If you look at most exit interview questions, you will realize that conducted properly, the answers to these questions can give you some serious insights about your strengths and weaknesses as an organization.. For most of us, when an employee exits, the primary focus is on finding a replacement while chalking out a transition plan. Hopefully, the 3rd time is the charm!!! Also, I applied for the LA field office, I hope this helps! I haven’t heard back either way. Meticulous, high level of attention to detail. @Betty7 Lol and thanks so much~ @NE777 Congratulations! Best of luck in your future search. How would you count all of the windows in New York City (this is process oriented). I'm glad to see a fellow 'Burgher among the ranks. Also have you received reimbursement from interviews? Last updated on January 3rd, 2021 at 07:34 am. so based on these answers it looks like each region's CED will be located at their central office: Eastern: NYC Western: Denver, CO Midwest: Chicago South: Dallas hopefully this should clarify everything for some people since i was confused at first. >It's likely if you are interviewing for *both* MCBS and LBS (regardless of what district your MCBS spot is) that it's in Chicago, too, I just can't confirm because I didn't submit a MCBS application. I just don’t know why he would have me call instead of just emailing me like I did first. Are you a goal-oriented person? Maybe I'm wrong, but that seemed to be the idea. Congrats! Although not being informed ahead of time and having to reach out to the agency about my status after ALL CEDs have taken place is a bit discouraging to my career goals, but your comment and outlook is a bit disturbing and doesn't help others that have to look forward to other career opportunities. Has anyone in the Southern District received an invitation/rejection yet? Received offer by phone yesterday and accepted today. Anyone with experience will bubble to the top and have good examples to share. Don't update with guesses, just update if you actually got an offer or not. Do not try to look like the smartest person in the world. I doubt someone who was part of recruiting for the OCC would be commenting on this and if they're not part of it they really don't know. I actually live in Pittsburgh as well, so I'm crossing my fingers for that one, although there are not many vacancies from what I understand. Relieved it's over, and I am cautiously optimistic. Again, congratulations to everyone who got the order already and for the rest of us, keep an eye on your cell phone, got another day before holiday, don't we? Guys!!!!!! Nothing for me yet...patient patient... Has anyone heard from south or western district yet? ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. ^That last post was mine, btw! Hello! I finished scheduling my phone interview for this Wednesday for the West Coast region.

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