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focal clear vs hd800s reddit

Obviously, everyone's ears are different so different treble spikes may affect you differently. Listen Professional Professional closed-back headphones. Price comparison. New Head-Fier. The headphones feature a nice fabric covering for the headband and ear cups, ensuring that the headphones remain comfortable. If there's another product you feel would fit, feel free to recommend it. Can pair with any kind of music to sound good. They are packaged with a copper voice coil, and together, these two elements work together to control the dynamics and the bass. Here for the gear . Linkedin. Both are stuffed with soft foam. The K812 is very fine in my view, although less natural to my ears, and more strident than the Sennheisers - larger than life I think. The Focal is disappointing. From least to most expensive, we cast our verdict. Next up in the comparison line-up are the French tanks vs the German Übermensch (or at least, its predecessor). Twitter. Initial impressions are pretty positive and I've got the HD800S up for sale. The Clears were my choice for sound but the HD800S were much more comfortable. Alex Schiffer - December 10, 2020 5:58 pm. And, not a true "audiophile," but I do want excellent sound -- with minimal work and simple, robust equipment that just works. I prefer the HD800S personally, but I’d say you can’t go wrong with either and I can see how someone would prefer the clear based on their genre presences, etc.. Would you say the HD800S is best for classical music? Headgear: Audeze LCD-i4 & LCD-3, Focal Clear, Sennheiser HD800S, Shure SE535, Meze 99 Classics, B&W PX, Audio Technica M40X, M50X, M70X & R70X Speakers: KEF LS50 wireless, Marshall Kilburn, etc. Forums. vs. Sennheiser HD 800 S. vs. Sennheiser HD 660 S. vs. Focal Clear. The Clear opens up the soundstage, which is particularly beneficial with the Utopia, while providing more clarity and deeper bass. A place for discussion, news, reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs. … If you had HD800S before why did you get rid of them and then why are you leaning toward buying them again? LCD-X vs Focal Clear Home. Sennheiser HD800s vs Focal Clear anyone compared or own the two, or know any dealers who stock both? The Focal Clear will remind you of the Elear in styling, but features a lighter grey and some stand-out features. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. JohnnyD. Joined Sep 14, 2016 Messages 6 Reaction score 11. That’s to say, while they have a number of different design elements than other Focal headphones, including color offerings, they carry that classic Focal headphones look, the beautiful mesh grills on each ear cup, and so on. I haven't noticed any QC issue, on the contrary – these are the most precisely built and finely tuned headphones I have encountered (except the Utopia obviously). I may order the Clear as well and return it if it is not superior over longer listening. I can EQ them all I want but when I buy a pair of $1000+ headphones I want them to be as close to the sound I want. For folks in warmer climates, you mig… en. On on hand, the Stellia’s earpads are coated in super soft leather. When you take the headphones out of the box, you’ll immediately be dazzled with the metallic look and great feel. The Sennheiser HD 800 S are better headphones than the Focal Elear, but are also way more expensive. Joined Apr 27, 2017 Messages 4,799 Reaction … "The HD820 are an absolute disaster for Sennheiser, what a catastrophe of a headphone! MIXING HEADPHONES, Focal Clear vs HD800s I know it's better to use speakers in a treated room but due to life circumstances i'm unable to set this up at present. I also EQ the HD800 quite a bit but the Clear sounds great without any EQ. Sennheiser HD 800 S vs. Focal Utopia – Headphone Comparison. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. But they also sound a bit brighter than either of them to my ears, on that particular amp, which I do not recall the name of. Reviews like this might be quotable, but they do very little to educate about the actual headphones, and read more like an ego trip for the headphone reviewer in question being judge jury and executioner for what makes a headphone appeal … Listen to your music, not to your headphones! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Difference between Focal Clear and Sennheiser HD 800S? ReddIt. Oct 29, 2018 at 4:18 PM. I love the original HD800 in both SE and balanced mode but I clearly prefer the HD800S … 100+ Head-Fier. Mix Play all Mix - Upscale Audio High Fidelity YouTube… Focal Clear review: One of the finest headphones money can buy (and you'll need lots of it) Once you hear Focal's Clear, you won't be able to go back to your old headphones. The Focal Clear headphones are unmistakably Focal. 39 points. However, the balanced Cardas Clear cable was a significant improvement. Compared to the Focal Clear (U.S. MSRP $1,500), which is arguably the HD800S’s clearest (pun intended) competition in the open-back audiophile category, the HD800S (green) is slightly brighter, while the Clear (blue) is slightly warmer: The Clear and the HD800S are remarkably close when it comes to factors like transient response, dynamics, and overall clarity. 25th July 2018 #3. They have a … Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 2 of 2 . Elear representing a high-end headphone at an attainable price, Utopia representing the very best that Focal’s engineers can deliver Utopia: These sound a lot like a cross between the HD800 and the Clear. crayons23 said: Currently using HD 800 S but desirous of more bass. Next article 2017 Black Friday Deals on JBL Flip 4, Charge 3, Headphones. The stand shape is reminiscent of the Focal logo and allows positioning of Elear, Clear and Utopia headphones easily and without damage to the ear cups. Superior balance, decent soundstage and good imaging. Focal Clear. Designed in stainless steel with a synthetic stone base, the stand is rigid and well weighted, providing greater … Focal Elear Headphones (full-size) ... Focal Utopia, Sennheiser HD800S, Sennheiser HD800, Sennheiser HD650, Shure SRH 1840, AKG K240, B&W P5 IEM: Shure SE846, Shure SE535, Shure SE215 Share This Post post-16090858. smartphones smartwatches headphones tablets. post-12863683. Kinda like I would be in a room with music … They contain the same 40mm (1.6-inch) M-type aluminum/magnesium driver, but made with a brighter aluminum housing. Jan 7, 2021 at 11:21 PM. Bigger soundstage in the HD800S. Hey there! HD800s - Holy F These Things Are Good (also, Focal Clear and 660s) Impressions. Learn more. A much more engaging sound than the HD800S. Post #8,479 of 8,479 kid vic Headphoneus Supremus. I own Focal Clear and Audeze LCD-3; I used to own Beyerdynamic 1990 Pro. smartfony laptopy tablety kraje. I can listen to it for 12h straight while the HD800 starts to be "annoying" after 2h because of its treble. Ive tried both side by side—they both have a bit of sharpness is the highs, but the sharpness of the clears is maybe a tad more noticeable to me. complin 204 complin 204 Wammer; Wammer; 204 907 posts; Personal Info . Scrolle runter für mehr Details. The Clear has a more narrow soundstage but the treble isn't as forward and the lows are more fun. They are incredibly open sounding and fit my personal music genres very well. 2 years ago. Focal Clear. The rolled-off top-end and exaggerated bottom-end crowd out the superb mids - with the result somewhat claustrophobic and bland. Focal Clear vs Sennheiser HD 800 S. Focal Clear. A place for discussion, news, reviews and DIY projects related to portable audio, headphones, headphone amplifiers and DACs. MIXING HEADPHONES, Focal Clear vs HD800s. Focal Utopia vs Sennheiser HD800S Focal Utopia vs Sennheiser HD800S. The Focal Clear. By eddie-baby, November 8, 2018 in Headphones & Headphone Amps MajorHiFi may receive commission through retail offers. Hey there! Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Today I tried out these three little fellows at a store. Comparison Request. Szukaj. Sly5thAve - Still D.R.E: The strings at the very start are a little more coherent on the HD800S. pl. Focal Utopia Sound The Utopia handles music with aplomb and authority. Focal Utopia vs HD 800s Home. en. The Focal Elear are great looking headphones that have a high-end and premium feel. $299. Focal Clear has a tighter bass slam; Focal Clear is more engaging to me because it's the lesser warm sounding between the two along with its bass quality mentioned above; Focal Clear is more accurate to how I would hear different speaker setups (car audio, home theater setup, bluetooth speaker) The Focal clear is supposed to be another great one which I would love to try out before I made any decisions, the great thing with headphones is they turn up quite a bit if different places or shows (perhaps not the best place to dem but at least you can get the gist of them), or its even possible to ship them around easily, so getting a demo is not impossible. bump same here Share Reply Quote. I'm trying to see the pros and cons of each but even after days on looking I … I can listen to the Clears for a full work day without fatigue. because the lower-mid frequencies were boosted and it sounded so full bodied... perhaps too much. Both headphones promise luxurious sound signatures with wide open soundstage. At first I wasn't really impressed or suprised by how much different the HD800S was. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Find out which is better and their overall performance in the headphones ranking. Recommended Posts. The Sennheiser have more accurate reproduction of the treble range than the Elear and also have a better speaker-like soundstage. Focal Clear. I own the Clear and the HD800. Plus you get them for cheap right now so thats a bonus. Has anyone tried/own both that can pitch in about how they compare? The Clear have a better midrange presentation IMHO and sounds more natural with vocals. (I had to travel couple of hundred miles to audition these) I have heard the HD800S before many times, and still with the massive soundstage it "wow'ed" me. Focal Clear vs Elear vs Utopia. Buy used: $249.00. I bought the Clears and LCD-3s on the used market, they were each $850 including shipping. Steven Newcastle - November 2, 2017 12:30 pm. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2 . Find out which is better and their overall performance in the headphones ranking. Thanks very much and … I would be happy owning either one between the hd800S and the utopia. By. I had Dekoni velour pads and Frans’ attenuator on the 1990s. Next Last. Focal Clear vs Elear. They have a very smooth mid section, which at times almost seems like it could obscure detail, somewhat like the cheaper Sennheisers, but they also have a ton of detail and a very natural sound despite the smoothness.

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