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mango fruit flies

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Losses in West African commercial mango orchards due to fruit fly infestations have exceeded 50% by the middle of the crop season since 2005, resulting in considerable income loss for the growers. It was captured by 94.04% and 90.94%, respectively, in mango orchards and forest areas included wild fruits. Regional Fruit Fly Control Project in West Africa (WAFFI) Assessment of damage caused to mangoes by fruit flies and calculation of the Economic Injury Level in Benin Background Mango production losses (Photo 1) in Benin during 2005 and 2006 due to attack by fruit flies were over 50% by the middle of the crop season (Vayssières et al., 2009). Like many insects, fruit flies have four life stages - egg, larvae, pupae and adult. 1996, Montoya et al. The mango fruit fly, Ceratitis cosyra (Walker), is also commonly known as the marula fruit fly, based on its common occurrence in these host plants. income for mango producers ... fruit flies captured by parapheromones are stored in ethanol at 70°. Guilin China: Conference on Soil Remediation and Plant Protection, Texas: Fungus as tool to control sugarcane aphids in grain sorghum, Invasive fruit flies detrimental to Kingdom’s mango exports, Understanding disease-induced microbial shifts. Fruit flies, a pest to be reckoned with in the mango orchards of West Africa : Mangoes play a major role in the West African economy. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Direct methods of control are reserved for emergencies only. Such sarcocephali Bezzi; Pardalaspis parinarii Hering; Pardalaspis sarcocephali (Bezzi) Trypeta cosyra Walker; International Common Names. fruit flies and the mango weevil, Cryptorhynchus mangiferae (Fabricius). The mango fruit fly, Ceratitis cosyraor marula fly, as it is also known due to its native host plant being marula, the African fruit related to mango. The fruit fly lays its eggs within the fruit. 267pp. From records in Africa, 11 plant species were reported to be new hosts to the African invader fly, Bactrocera invadens (Drew, Tsuruta and White, 2005). The flies attack semi ripe and mature fruits during the months of pp. punctatifronsand Dacusspp.. Synthetic insecticides and fungicides are not allowed in organic mango production. Infestation mostly occurs between the months of April and July, which is only made worse as fruit flies attack the late mango varieties (including Keiit and Kent varieties) that are the most valuable mango fruits. Ten species of flies have been identified: Bactrocera dorsalis,B. 62 (4) 223 Fruit flies: disinfestation, techniques used, possible application to mango. Cheng Sokhorng Fruit flies The mango tree suffers from numerous phytosanitary problems. Over the years, ICIPE and a number of global partners have developed Integrated Pest Management (IPM) packages for exotic and native fruit flies. “This fly is a species that spread into Cambodia through fruit imports, and now we need to strengthen our control of imports at the border in order to prevent other pests like these flies from entering the country,” he said. Fruit flies typically gather where there is a high level of bacteria and especially when there is a sugary substance that can be used both for feeding themselves and their young ones. Mango farmers are losing out on the Sh1.3 trillion international export market due to fruit fly infestation. Marula is a native African fruit related to mango and sometimes known locally as wild plum. SURVEILLANCE TRAPS The parapheromones and the … During the period between crop harvests, mangoes are a vital part of the diet of rural populations. John Ndung’u’s farm, located in Murang’a County, hosts tens of mango trees. Among these species, B. dorsaliswas dominant. Fruit fly fauna in Solomon Islands. “Farmers will face higher costs of production now, since they will have to use new techniques in order to prevent these flies from infesting their fruit.”. The adult female of the tephritid fruit flies (e.g. The most destructive mango pests are the mango seed weevil and the mango fruit fly, common nearly in all mango producing areas. The farmers say their produce has always been destroyed by the fruit flies, which leads to decreased sales. The mango fruit fly is a serious pest in mango farms across sub-Saharan Africa, where it causes more damage of economic importance than the … The production of the early local varieties occurs mostly in early May, before the rainy season. Heng Chivoan Cheng Sokhorng Publication date 22 January 2018 | 00:00 ICT Cambodia’s mango shipments have been routinely blocked before making it to the international market, with the Ministry of… development of fruit flies in the area. capitata,C. Cambodia’s annual mango production is about 1 million tonnes, Vanhan said, but the Kingdom will continue to be cut off from surrounding markets until farmers manage to rid their produce of invasive flies. Fruit flies attack soft, fleshy fruits of a wide variety of fruit and vegetable crops. ( Log Out /  It is a fly whose habitat is located in tropical areas with high rainfall, that would mean that they are common in the northern area of South Africa such as Pretoria. Then it comes out of the fruit, pupates in the soil, becomes a fly and goes up again into the tree. The Mango fly (no relation to the mango fruit) is also known as Bot fly, Tumbu fly, or Putzi fly. The mango shoot caterpillar is a noctuid moth that is a minor problem. The response of Diachasmimorpha longicaudata (Ashmead) females to mango fruit that were intact ... of adaptation to different environments where it has been introduced and currently is used for biological control of fruit flies in several countries (Camacho 1994, Sivinski et al. punctata,Dacus ciliatus,D. Once there, the oriental fruit fly soon became a more injurious species than the Nothing could be better than fruits to lure them. The real reason Cambodia’s mangoes are unable to reach the international market, he said, is because they are often blocked for perceived hygiene-related issues, and he urged the Ministry of Agriculture to hasten its administration of SPS certificates to encourage neighbouring countries to buy Cambodian produce. Abstract Introduction . bremii,C. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Major host plants of Ceratitis cosyra include mango, guava, sour orange, marula, wild custard apple and wild apricot. In West Africa, the Download Pest Advisory Leaflet on Mango Fly in English (344 Kb) In West Africa, the economic importance of the damage caused by fruit flies (Diptera tephritidae) is growing in home garden mango trees as well as in small-scale and industrial mango orchards.

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